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Captain Grover Murray


Captain Murray has been employed by the Jones County Sheriff’s Office since August 6, 2007. He started his career as a jail officer and worked his way up through the ranks. In January 2020, he was promoted to captain and is currently the Jail Administrator for the Jones County Sheriff’s Office. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Jones County Jail including the safety and security of the inmates, staff, and community.

Telephone: 478-986-4992



The Jail Division no longer allow show-up visits. You can schedule a visit here: Remote Visitation is available here are well.


The purpose of the Jones County Jail is to provide the highest degree of security for the citizens of Jones County, and safety for both the staff and the inmates of the detention system in a professional and cost efficient manner. The facility staff has the responsibility to provide and operate a facility as efficiently and effectively as possible while performing its mission.

Additionally, the Jones County Jail must meet three basic responsibilities for its user constituencies, which include the inmate population, facility staff, visitors to the center and other professionals who use or visit the facility. These responsibilities are Safety, Security and Service.

With regard to service, the Jones County Jail is aware of the need to reduce prisoner idleness and to conserve and promote human dignity when possible.

Inmate labor is utilized to minimize operational costs in such areas as facility sanitation, food services and laundry services.


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